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About TripCase Connect 

About TripCase Connect

Connect with travelers anytime and anywhere.

Deliver valuable messages and essential travel documents to your travelers through TripCase Connect.

about-2TripCase Connect is a robust web tool that helps professionals better manage their relationships with traveling customers. It’s a platform that keeps the travel arranger, airline, hotelier or unique travel supplier connected with their travelers.

TripCase Connect is the counterpart to a popular itinerary management tool in the consumer world – TripCase. TripCase is the web and mobile platform that helps travelers manage their trip from anywhere. In addition to providing travelers with their live itinerary in an easy-to-use smartphone app, it also keeps them up-to-date with free flight notifications. TripCase users enjoy quick access to seat maps, road maps, weather forecasts, itinerary sharing, travel documents and more.

While TripCase is the only web/mobile tool a person needs to travel with confidence, TripCase Connect is the only web platform travel suppliers need to stay connected to the savvy TripCase traveler.

With targeted messaging capabilities and document delivery services, TripCase Connect helps you, the industry professional, elevate your level of service. It provides the features you need to operate efficiently, drive revenue and simply wow your customers.

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Inside TripCase Connect

TripCase Connect is where TripCase partners can manage and customize their traveler messages and document delivery. This self-service tool provides all the information needed to configure the content and branding for:

  • Action View messages. These messages are displayed in the mobile app to assist the traveler while he or she is in route.
  • Email communications. This includes confirmation emails that are sent as soon as a booking is confirmed. Use TripCase Connect to select which features you would like to activate, as well as your unique company message.

Messaging Capabilities

Today’s traveler is overwhelmed with content. From traveler documents and emails, to social media feeds and various travel review sites, it’s no wonder traveling can be stressful.

To cut through the clutter, your message must be relevant. It must be customized to fit the traveler’s need, and contextual to address where they are at that moment.

This is where TripCase Connect can help you shine. With so many targeting elements to choose from, you can deliver relevant messages to your travelers based on their location, stage in their trip, flight details, etc.

Document Delivery

For airlines and travel agencies, invoices, tickets and itineraries can be delivered electronically to a traveler’s email as soon as the reservation is made. The documents, as well as various communications can be branded with your logo and then be accessible for your customer via the TripCase web site or the mobile app. And because TripCase is a global tool, our documents can be delivered in 21 languages.

TripCase Connect opens up a new world of opportunities, from providing an elevated level of service to building awareness for your brand.
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